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Drop Flap Discharge Bag, also known as fully opening base bag and Drop Flap Bulk Bag, these bags are the ultimate multi-use FIBC and can be used for storing and handling many different materials. We do a 2m3 version, with skirt top, becoming increasingly popular companies involved in recycling and moving bulk products internally between processes as well as for woodchip used for fueling/supplying biomass boilers.

The design is based on our SUBSEA USE drop bag. For functionality please watch the animation. Buying online you can select your preferred bag size, filling options, fabric type and printing. For discharging, the standard bag requires no untying, with the bag lowered to the ground in the area of discharge an operator removes the flap discharge loops and when safe to do so the forklift operator lifts the bag discharging the contents in the desired location. These bags can also be used for emptying into a skip for soil or rock removal. We can offer the same bag with shorter loops on the flap suitable tying closed and a remote release when suspended.