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Helicopter lifting bulkbags, also known as helicopter liftbags and helicopter bags, are designed for transporting materials to remote locations not easily accessed by other means eg. used by the National trust when building mountain paths, used by search and rescue teams for mobalising aid to remote areas. These are designed and manufactured to be lifted by a single point hook, made possible through the elongated lifting loops, these bags can also be lifted as a 4 point lift (forklift or 4 leg chain). Standard lifting loops must not be used for single/central point lifting. Contact us if other sizes are required. We can also supply these with skirt top closure and up to a 2000kg SWL.

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Helicopter Bags


Standard Helicopter lift bag:

200gsm woven polypropylene,
5000denier overlock and safety stitch construction,
Open top
Flat base.
4 x 78cm long lifting loops,
1250kg Safe Working Load, 6:1 Safety Factor.

The elongated lifting loops are suitable for single point and four point lifting.

Also available with a skirt top (see images). Contact us for pricing.