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Our offshore trash compactor bags are the strongest in the industry, the option listed below are for the two most common sizes used within the North Sea Oil industry, both sizes are suitable for single point (crane) and 4 point lifting (forklift). we do make other sizes please contact us with other requirements.

  • 01-90x90x130-skirt-top-3
  • 01-90x90x130-skirt-top-2
  • 01-90x90x130-skirt-top-1
  • 01-90x90x130-skirt-top-3
  • 01-90x90x130-skirt-top-2
  • 01-90x90x130-skirt-top-1

Standard 1000 Litre compactor bag


Trash / Rubbish Compactor Bulk bag, made from 200gsm woven polypropylene fabric.
Skirt top,
Flat base,
4 x 70cm lifting loops suitable for 4 point or single point lift, our version is the strongest on the market with a 1250kg Safe Working Load and 6:1 Safety Factor
Can be custom printed (please contact us).

Normally used in conjunction with a trash compactor, but due to the large size, convenient for other applications too!


    • 3.5 £