Liners for Sub Sea use Grout Bags - Bulkbags

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The SUB SEA USE bulk bag we developed in conjunction with Technip. This bag has become the industry standard FIBC / bulkbag recognised, used and accepted worldwide within the offshore environment. This bag has a number of special safety features and is easily identifiable which gives the SUB SEA / Offshore industry assurance of quality and safe for use. We offer variations to the standard 1000kg SWL bag and have certification which covers up to 180cm tall suitable for up to 2000kg SWL. We supply a drop discharge version for either deployment by Remotely Operated underwater Vehicle (ROV) or diver – Click here for demonstration. To supplement your bag requirements we also offer coated sacks in 25kg and 50kg sizes, ROV sacks and PE liners for packing grout.

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Liners for Sub Sea use Grout Bags