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UN (United Nations) certified bulk bags, suitable for transporting goods classified as UN Dangerous Goods, this includes contaminated ground waste and asbestos, we have certificates for a number of bag specifications see below. Contact us for pricing.

  • 0-BULKBAG-3705-ctype-1500-un-13H3
  • 0-BULKBAG-3705-ctype-1500-un-13H3

UN13H3 / 150cm Lined


100x100x150cm UN13H3
Woven polypropylene 250gsm coated fabric.
C Type Filling Spout
C Type Discharge Spout
4x30cm lifting loops
80mu Polyethylene Liner, shaped tabbed and sewn in.
1000kg SWL 6:1 SF
Certified to UN13H3 Standard
Printed with UN Certificate Number on 2 sides

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