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All materials and fabrics are sourced within the EC from quality assured suppliers and produced with strict adherence to our ISO9001:2015 accredited Quality Management System. All bags are tested and certified by one of two accredited Test Laboratories.

We produce FIBCs (Flexibile Intermediate Bulk Containers) under clean room conditions at our production locations. Processes include automated cutting, 1 and 2 colour printing, numerous sewing techniques offering filling and discharge options as animated in our videos. Offering many different specification combinations available to buy online.

Some of what we produce/supply:

  • Imported bags to your specification, sourced from a quality assured factory we are partnered with, lead times are approximately 13 weeks. Contact us with your requirements.
  • Q bags, also known as baffle bags, designed and constructed to prevent the bulk bags from bulging excessively or overhanging pallets. Contact us with your specification for a quotation.
  • Lined bulk bags (FIBCs), in a variety of dimension and specification options available to configure and buy online. If you do not see what you are looking for contact us with your specification for a quotation
  • Vented bulk bags, in a variety of dimension and specification options available to configure buy online. If you do not see what you are looking for contact us with your specification for a quotation
  • Builders merchant bulk bags, we can print imported bags one sided from stock, either block letters and numbers or with your logo, available to buy online.
  • Dustproof seam bags, our double sift proofed seam bags are available to buy online in the Custom Bag section. If you do not see the particular size or specification you require please contact us and we will quote accordingly.
  • Woven polypropylene sacks, 25kg ROV sacks, 50kg ROV sacks, re-usable coal sacks are available to buy online. Contact us for any sizes not listed in our online shop.
  • We stock and supply PE liners for bulk bags, we can supply these loose, cut to any length and sealed. Our machinery is capable of producing fully shaped liners, these too can be supplied loosely or tabbed and sewn in to bulk bags. Contact us with your requirements
  • Full opening base bags / drop flap discharge bags, available to buy online in different sizes and specifications.
  • Wood pellet fuel storage bags.
  • Filled sand bags, available to buy online in different quantities per pallet.
  • Offshore trash compactor bags, we sell the two most common types in our online shop.
  • Helicopter lift bags, standard size available to buy online. Other sizes available on request.
  • SUBSEA USE FIBC / Bulkbag available to buy online, with or without liners
  • SUBSEA USE Drop Bag, available to buy online.
  • SUBSEA USE Fabric Formworks, these are flexible structures made from woven polypropylene, used on the sea bed as a method for shuttering concrete, they are pumped with grout in location and can be used for filling voids, creating supporting points in an installation, creating a bearing area etc.
  • SUBSEA USE Bitumen Mattresses (Bit Mats), these are containers produced from rot and waterproofed polyester/cotton fabric that are filled with a geo-grid and flexible bitumen, these are used in place of sub sea concrete mattresses and remain flexible preventing the potential from damage that can occur from the edges of concrete mats.
  • SUBSEA USE Multi-compartment bags, view example online, contact us with your configuration.
  • Drilling cuttings bags, are based and certified around our SUBSEA USE bag specification. The bags are suitable for a number of applications eg. safe transportation of contaminated oil well drilling waste, suitable for disposing of low level nuclear waste or contaminated ground waste materials, oil spill waste etc.
  • Wind Turbine Blade Support Bags are used extensively by wind turbine installation teams throughout the UK and Ireland. These are robust woven polypropylene outer bags, with two convenient lifting handles, filled with a lightweight compression resistant material capable of supporting the extreme loads associated with wind turbine blades (>6500kg) and associated component parts.
  • ZIPPED UMBILICAL is a time saving PVC protective sleeve used to rapidly cover subsea umbilical cables and pipes used for transferring power, chemicals, communications from subsea developments to subsea trees, manifolds, jumpers etc. These are made to measure and can be hundreds of meters long, with specially manufactured industrial non-corrosive zips which stand up to multi-use spooling requirements. The protective sleeves are fitted with venting eyelets, allowing for both filling and draining of water when being deployed or recovered.
  • We are available to undertake any contract industrial sewing services and are always happy to partner with customers offering our manufacturing services, please contact us with your enquiries.